We like the music and the scene. We want people to be surprised with each of our performances and to return home with a good taste. We seek originality and innovation. We want to break barriers and offer something that certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.

In our show, the scene has a very important place. We do not pose a concert following traditional established canons. On the contrary, we propose a new concept of performing, where aspects such as lighting, choreography, costumes and scenery have important roles.

We think the best way to spread our ancient instrument sounds is through a staging that enhances. For this reason, we have high character theater and lighting directions of Iban Beltran and Oriol Ibáñez respectively.

We do not make music only. Neither just theater. We do Windu!


Recorder players:Logo Windu

– Clara Cowley

– Eloi Fuguet

– Eva Jornet

– Marcel Leal


Windu has just won three GEMA Awards (Asociación de Grupos Españoles de Música Antigua):

  • GEMA Award for the best young music band of 2016.
  • GEMA Award for the best Innovation project for the show “Under construction”.
  • GEMA Audience Award for the best music band of 2016.





Pictures of the show Under Construction


Video Under Construction

Video of the show Under construction



Video Making of under

Making Of Under Construction video


Windu 1Windu presents Under construction (1)


Windu 2Windu presents Under construction (2)


Windu 3Windu presents Under construction (3)


Windu 4Windu presents Under construction (4)