Stalker is an electronic music project inspired by the Soviet film of the same name directed by Andrei Tarkovsky in 1979. The film is framed in the science fiction genre and describes the journey of three men through a post-apocalyptic place known as “The Zone”. There is room which has the ability to meet the innermost desires of a person.

The term Stalker is used to refer to the person guiding the others in “The Zone”.

The music of the film was composed by Eduard Artemyev using traditional eastern and western instruments manipulated through the sound effects of a synthesizer. In the final soundtrack, the boundaries between sound and music were blurred to the point of making them indistinguishable.

The Stalker musical project was created to link sound audiovisual projects and museum facilities. There has been a shift in its musical approach in recent months, initiating experiment with sound that mixes pop with the IDM style of electronic music.

Nowadays, Stalker has started to work on the composition and recording of the soundtrack of the film “Lucía”, directed by Juan Pato.