Quarteta Lírica


Quarteta Lirica was created with a clear objective: to achieve greater expressive power thanks to the unique combination of music and poetry.

Thus, the project integrates words with music, picking up both essences and allowing them to explore hidden potential limits.

In this way, the music causes a sensory state that helps deeper entry into poetry, making words grow. At the same time, poetry increases the creative force of music, suggesting new textures without changing a note.

Permanently combining one with the other, one beside the other, one in front of the other, the rings of one and the other multiply, harnessing their expressiveness.


Quarteta Lirica is composed of:LOGO_FINAL_CAT_GRIS

– Gemma Reguant, voice

– Eulàlia Galofré, recorder

– Marcel Leal, recorder

– Esther Pinyol, Harp







Portada dossierPress book




Video Quarteta

Sonata d’amor Promotional video