OFB (Recorder Orchestra)

With more than 25 years history, the Recorder Orchestra of the Badalona Conservatory has a repertoire ranging from early music to the latest pop, through baroque, jazz and Bossanova, among others.

Suggestive sounds and frenetic rhythms are combined so no one is left indifferent. Most of its arrangements are by the orchestra conductor. The aim is to bring “classical” music to everyone and to exploit the hidden interpretive potential of the recorder.


Musical Director: Marcel Leal


Recorder players:

– Román Rey

– Marc Núñez

– Núria Silvestre

– Laura Luna

– Arnau López

– Pau Casas

– Víctor Villegas

– Judith Campos

– Albert Becerra

– Júlia Martínez

– David López

– Laura Pujol

– Arnau Navarro

– Gemma Duñó

– Sophia Almirante