Vida mía (My Darling)
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Short Film

Short Film

A woman leads us to the back of her mind, full of pain and misunderstanding due to the humiliations suffered by her partner. Through the reflection of mirrors, reality and fiction merge in a desperate attempt to deny the facts and invent an idyllic parallel life; a defense mechanism that can not avoid the truth prevails the hard way.


14 minutes. 35 mm. 1:1,85 Dolby digital SR


Screen play and direction: Marcel Leal.

Director of photography: Susana Sanz.

Art director: Jaume Salat.

Costume designer: Carme Cristóbal.

Sound director: Aritz Sanjurjo.

Original score: Alejandro Civilotti.

Film editor: Marisol Ventimiglia.

Producer: Antonia Casado.

Production company: CECC and Grup Cinema Art S.L.

Cast: Carme Abril, Jordi Banacolocha.






Foto Vida Mía

Vida mia (My darling) Director’s report


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