Marcel Leal
Marcel Leal


“Motion = Emotion”

(Douglas Sirk, 1897-1987)


I’m from Barcelona but have never really felt anchored anywhere. I believe in team work. Everything ends up being much more than the sum of all parts together. I like listening and learning from everything around me – from both youth and older people.

I have a hungry curiosity. I live life as a learning process that has no end. I love observing work and discovering all those small things not always glimpsed. In other words, a love observing the greatness of tiny details. I adore cinema, music, books and talking to friends until the early hours.

I’m a music teacher, performer, script writer and composer. My work embraces script analysis, film writing, documentaries, advertising projects and all kinds of electronic music performance.

I graduated in Music Studies at Conservatorio del Liceo de Barcelona. My undergraduate degree is in Industrial Engineering (Polytechnic University of Catalonia – UPC). I completed graduate studies in Film Direction at the Centre of Cinematographic Studies of Catalonia (CECC). My days are balanced between musical instruments and cameras.

I enjoy playing early music instruments as much as programming a synthesizer.

For me, Art has no barriers of style. There’s only passion.